Penguino Ice Cream

Changing the world, one scoop at a time
Penguino Ice Cream Browns Bay
Taste the Authentic Italian Gelato in Browns Bay

Enjoy the freshest gelato made with quality imported ingredients from Italy, served to you by our friendly community staff.

Authentic Italian taste

At Penguino, we use only authentic Italian ingredients to bring you the true taste of Italian gelato in every scoop.
Penguino's Ice Creams
Penguino Ice Cream Browns Bay

Quality ingredients

We care about the quality of our ingredients, so we only use the finest imported Italian ingredients to make our gelato.

Local community ice cream

Our friendly team at Penguino Ice Cream has been serving the local Browns Bay community with freshly made gelato for over 21 years.


“... combine the nicest ice cream and friendliest service, you get Penguinos, the best ice cream parlour in the universe (and Browns Bay)!”





"Penguino is by far our favourite gelato place in Auckland (and beyond!). The gelato and sorbet are consistently delicious, and they are always trying out new flavours. My current fave is the lemon cake gelato, but my go-to is chocolate."




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"I love the ice cream. It is so delicious. I love the strawberry yogurt and strawberry sorbet. My sisters and I go there to have ice cream we always enjoy it. I always see heaps of people coming in. This is I find the most delicious Gelato ice cream!"


Doy Kim


The Penguino Story

Malcolm and Ann moved from Nelson to Auckland in 2002 to open up Penguino. They chose beautiful Browns Bay beach right in the plaza and loved serving the locals and community their freshly made gelato ice cream. We will continue to honour their tradition and legacy.

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